Meetings are held at 12:30 p.m. on the first Sunday of each month at either our San Diego location or our Los Angeles area location and guests are always welcome. Meetings alternate monthly between these locations:

The calendar for the remainder of 2015 is:
Jan 12thJim's shop
Feb 8th Jade's shop
Mar 1st Jim's shop
Apr 5th Jade's shop
May 3rd Jim's shop
Jun 6th Claremont
Aug 9th Jade's shop
Oct 4th Jim's shop
Dec 6th Bob & Diane's house

Keep your eyes peeled for special events to be announced.

2015 SoCal Violin Maker's Workshop (June 1st-June 19th) 3 sessions
San Diego County Fair (June-July)

San Diego Location(Jade's shop): JJS Violins, 7748 Herschel Ave Ste B, La Jolla, CA. 92037
Los Angeles Location(Jim's shop): J. Brown Violin Shop, 232½ N Indian Hill, Claremont, CA

Los Angeles Map