Violin Making/Makers Links

Violin Making Organizations:

The Violin Makers Association of Arizona International has some violin making articles and membership information..

The Michigan Violin Makers Contact Joe Martin for membership information.

The Pacific Area Violin Makers Association Violin making in the Pacific Northwest..

The Violin Makers Association of British Columbia An amateur and profesional violin makers association in British Columbia, Canada.

Violin Makers/Schools:

Violin Making by Hans Johannsson is an overview of how violins and bows are made.

Peter Paul Prier and Sons Violins  includes papers and lectures by Peter Paul Prier and tables of instrument measurements.

David Gusset - Violin Maker has information of general interest on violin making.

David Van Zandt, Violin Maker has a Web site with an extensive list of links to resources of interest to violin makers.

Violin Repair/Restoration:

Robert Cauer Violins Mr. Cauer is a recognized expert on repair and restoration.

Hans Weisshaar, Inc. The Weisshaar shop is one of the most reputable shops in the world.