The Thrill of Violin Making

by Harry S. Wake

"The thrill of making a violin and of hearing it played for the first time is an unbelievable experience. Should you be a player yourself, the experience enjoyed is twofold. In the making of a violin the enjoyment and feeling of accomplishment is so great that the anticipation as you approach the final stages becomes overwhelming and you can think seriously of nothing else until you get your violin finished.

"When the violin is finally completed, you can enjoy your creation and forever recall the pleasure that you had in making it. You can imagine the enjoyment the musician will have in playing fine music on it and the generations of musicians of the future who will have the pleasure of playing it. Think also of future great audiences who will be enthralled by the beautiful sounds that it will continue to produce when in capable hands."

excerpted from "The Fun of Violin Making" by Harry S. Wake in the March, 1986, SCAVM Bulletin.


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