We'll present a few articles from past issues of our Bulletin here and change them occasionally.

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Bridge Jack Construction by Ed Wolfensberger.

Method of Topographical Generation of Plate Arches by Antonio Rizzo

Bending and Heating Wood With a Silicone Blanket by George A. Borun

Make Your Own Preformed Purfling by Albert W. Fischer, now with Al Fischer's August 1997 addendum.

Two Articles on Finishing Instruments by Bill Fulton.

Between Baroque and Now, by John V. Speak.

Scroll Carving Tools from Hacksaw Blades, by Albert Fischer

Wood Testing by Charles Woods

Bending Violin or Viola Ribs  by Albert Fischer

A Violin/Viola Rib Bending Strap for the Beginning Violin Maker, by William H. Ferguson

Did the Old Masters Bend Their Violin Tops? by Charles W. Gadd

Presentation on How the Bow Produces Sound from a String, a summary of a presentation by Norman C. Pickering.

Asymmetrical Graduation and Tuning of Violin Plates by J. G. Lively